Nikki, Emily, Amber and Evan enjoyed a weekend trip to Penticton.

Recreation Program

Recreation Program


Summer 2024 Registration is now closed. 

Fall registration will open in August 2024. Click here to be added to the email list


Contact Duane Robinson, Recreation Program Facilitator at or 778.980.5875.

The recreation program is offered year-round, with a calendar of events that is updated with participant and family feedback. The calendar typically includes the opportunity to participate in a variety of leisure, sport and cultural activities. Events are designed to be fun and engaging, while also building self-esteem and providing the people Kyndred serves with companionship and the opportunity to experience life in their community.

Scheduled activities have included the twice-weekly “Friendly Kitchen” where participants help cook a dinner meal, or join to play games and enjoy a healthy and affordable meal among friends. Other activities include visits to local landmarks, hiking, group overnight trips, camping, movie nights, and music and sporting events

Kyndred staff members are responsible for organizing and completing each activity, as well as for supervising and supporting participants at the events. Kyndred employees also organize public and or provide transportation to the various locations of the events.

With appropriate supports, Miles is able to live independently. We know that he values his own space and independence, but we were also aware that he often felt quite socially isolated and lonely. We did what we could to alleviate those feelings, but while family support is necessary and good, it cannot entirely replace for anyone the sense of belonging to a group of friends. And this is what he particularly derives from the Kyndred recreation program: participation in a range of activities with friends, whom he now proudly calls “the gang”.

~ parent of Recreation Program participant

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. The Kyndred Recreation program is made possible through the support of donations and grants from our community. To donate click here.