If you receive services from Kyndred and you have a complaint you can have someone help you with this or make a complaint to Kyndred staff or manager at any time. You can choose anyone you like; and can ask the Privacy Officer or Kyndred Human Resources Manager to help you. If you are not satisfied or would like someone outside of Kyndred to review your complaint please contact CLBC, Inclusion BC or the Advocate for Service Quality.

You should never be afraid to complain if someone is doing something wrong. Your complaint will only be talked about with those who can help fix it.

Your complaint will be written down on the complaint form and you will be told how long it will take to handle it. When you make a complaint, someone will contact you within 48 hours or two business days. Most complaints are resolved within 30 days.

You are an adult and you will not get in trouble for making a complaint.

To make a complaint contact:

Kyndred Community Living Society
Privacy Officer or any Manager
1-3800 72 Street, Delta, BC, V4K 3N2
Phone: 604.946.9508
Fax: 604.940.9683
Email: info@kyndredsociety.ca


Community Living BC
Quality Assurance Officer
Phone: 1.855.664.7972
Email: complaintsresolutionCLBC@gov.bc.ca


Office of the Advocate for Service Quality
Phone: 604.775.1238
Fax: 604.660.1505


Inclusion BC
Phone: 604.777.9100
Fax: 604.777.9394
Email: info@inclusionbc.org
Website: http://www.inclusionbc.org/